22nd February- 6th March, 2021


Utopian Expansion

Utopian Expansion uses symbolic imagery to identify the movement of supra- and sub-aqua activity, juxtaposed with the urbanisation of the land. It is illustrated through a map of the surrounding land, the flurry of activity on the water’s surface, and presence of aquatic life in the depths below. The diversity of ecology, alongside human activity, conveys the coexistence of marine life and an anthropogenic desire to be part of nature.  The gestural mark-making of the painted line work, along with dark painted stains spread in the water, not only give a notion of the joy of being in the water, but reflects the human destruction of the inherent peacefulness of the natural habitat on the surface of oceans, lakes and land.
Distorted Occupation
Acrylic on Italian Cotton
91.5 x 61 cm
Please Note: We will be following Covid-19 guidelines as per the NSW government.
We have over 400 square metres of floor space within Crockers Paint and Wallpaper, and we ask that everyone ensures that they are following social distancing rules of 1.5 m. Hand sanitiser will be available for use throughout the exhibition. We will also be taking names and contact details at the door as part of our Covid-19 procedures for all opening events.

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