By creating a free, dynamic and supportive space, we build lasting relationships and develop ongoing creative collaboration amongst our thriving artist network.


THE BEST KEPT SECRET is a group exhibition featuring 50 local artists exploring the secrets of the Sutherland Shire!
Exhibition opens 14th June - 3rd July.
Opening night Saturday 19th June 5:00- 8:00 pm.

Artists were asked to contribute one artwork that references a specific location within the Sutherland Shire. It's our hope that through this exhibition we can help bring new tourism to the local area and support local business as we shed light on some of our Best Kept Secrets.

Along with each artwork, artists were asked to share the secret location of their chosen place. Each location has been marked on a public google map. This will allow the community to retrace the steps of each artist, and re-examine our local area through a new creative lense.

Check out The Best Kept Secret location map HERE in the lead up to the exhibition!

The Art Passage would like to thank our 2021 sponsors!



Resident Artist and Gallery Director Korynn Morrison founded The Art Passage in 2018 with a vision to put artist's work in front of an entirely new audience!

As a National Art School graduate and practicing artist herself, Morrison understands the need tor creative community and artistic exposure.

With this purpose in mind, her focus is to connect and build lasting relationships with each artist, whilst at the same time putting their work in front of new potential buyers who are already looking to improve their homes.

Along side the unique gallery setting of The Art Passage, Korynn's own painting practice operates within a newly renovated open studio setting. This bold decision aims to create an open dialogue between the creative process and the finished work, whilst at the same time allowing the community to take a glimpse inside an artist's reality on a daily basis.

"My studio practice is no secret, and I encourage everyone to drop in and see first hand the good, the bad and the mess!" - Korynn Morrison

* For up to date information on active studio times please join Korynn's Collectors Corner.

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"I have had a wonderful experience with the Crockers Team & the Art Passage! They are professional & treat you like you are part of the extended art family. Such a great company providing this space to artists for free! A very unique space!"



"Korynn’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious so that is why I decided to have an exhibition at The Art Passage and I am grateful for the chance to do so. The Art Passage provides artists and emerging artists with an opportunity to show their work in a professional setting without the high cost usually associated with gallery spaces. Most importantly, Korynn and the Crocker family offer helpful and friendly support throughout the whole process which is invaluable. It has been such a positive experience."


"I was drawn to THE ART PASSAGE and the way they have created a space for emerging artists. I was impressed by the passion and enthusiasm by the art director, Korynn, as well as the professionalism of her approach."


"The Art Passage is a fantastic, family owned and unique location, where artists from the Shire are encouraged to exhibit their talents for free – why would I not want to exhibit here? Korynn and her family are so accommodating and encouraging of us artists, and have taken a new approach to exhibiting artworks and directing them at a different audience."


"The Shire has never been short on talent but one thing we’ve been lacking is an artistic community. With the support of Korynn and the Crockers team, it has been great to see local artists regularly showing their works at The Art Passage. I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of this, and when the opportunity arose to show my work with some like-minded artist, I jumped at the opportunity."


"Like most artists, the thought of exhibiting is both ideal and petrifying. Having Korynn supporting me through the process has made it a little more fun and way less scary! Korynn and the team at Crockers are offering local artists an amazing opportunity to share their work and I’m very grateful to be a part of that. "


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